Sweat. Laugh. Play. Rest.

Something magical happens when we embrace healthy and consistent self–care, move our bodies, fuel our cells with real food, and nurture our souls with good people.

For some of us, exercise and nutrition is second nature and we are looking to continually challenge ourselves in new ways. For others it is a constant struggle, something we know what we “should” be doing but something holds us back: fear, time constraints, injury and pain or just lack of desire.

bangObody philosophy incorporates a custom blend of conscious nutrition, regular exercise and mindful rest, all wrapped up in a compassionate approach to help you create a healthier, more active lifestyle. We support your journey and goals! From pounding down on the scale, mastering a new exercise, achieving a personal best, touching your toes for the first time, improving numbers on your health scores, or just all around feeling terrific.

Depending on where you are and what you need, bangObody programs can be an entry point to fitness, or a place to hone your skills, and advance your knowledge. Whether you walk and stretch, run and jump, swim and pump iron, it’s your choice! I combine solid science-based knowledge with innovative program designs delivered with compassionate care.

 bangObody Top 3 Mantras

- We were designed to move, so move often and move well!

- I believe in hard work, love, and lots of laughter – because life has enough seriousness!

- Consistency creates results, not perfection.


Committed to your health, bangObody is a lifestyle!



21 years of experience

About Dayna Bango

Blending years of fitness and nutrition training and education, spending time with clients, managing the highs and lows of life, experiencing diverse relationships, building a business, enduring personal health challenges, embracing parenthood, and seeking the ever elusive balance of it all, has helped to formulate my approach to fitness.

I embrace a philosophy of love and kindness, acceptance, and compassion.

I believe in the importance of self-care through exercise, nutrition and rest, and the power of movement – they all provide healing in one form or another.

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA)
CanFitpro - Certified Sport Conditioning Specialist
FMS Level 1
FRC (Functional Range Conditioning)

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